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Insta Live [Excerpt]: Why "Candy Shop" is a Terrible Wedding Film Song!

What determines the look of your film?


You’re one of a kind.

Your Location.

If you have it at a winery versus a country club.  It’s going to look different.

The lighting at the location will be different.  The color scheme is different. Geography is different.

Your Photographer.

I’ve always believed a hands off approach, working more in the background and working around your photographer.  Essentially playing off of what they are doing. Which is wonderful for the couple. You don’t feel overwhelmed or like you have to constantly be bothered, but if the photographer sucks then we may have to step in more.

The Music.

Music is Everything.  It sets the pace of the film.  Pick a faster song. Faster editing.  Slower song, slower paced film. You pick a crappy song?  The film’s going to suffer. Also make sure you pick something that you think you can live with.  Especially the lyrics. Throwbacks are popular but “Like a Virgin”, or “Candy Shop?” Probably not the best choice?


The Verdict: So with all of these variables what should you expect?  Your final film should fall within the realm of what is displayed. What you see online with Wedding Film studios is a concept.  However, you should expect variation in your film based on all of the above.










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