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"How Much Input Should I Have?"

The Knot Ranks this as #4 on 10 Questions to Ask Your Videographer Before You Book.  Does It Matter?

There are two schools of thought from videography studios.  The first is. Your opinion really doesn’t matter. Go to any wedding industry trade show and you see a lot of this. Most videography companies don’t really care about your input. Their opinion is that you aren’t a videographer, you don’t know this industry and you choose the studio based on the work they did for other couples. Leave us alone and let us do our thing.

Is that the right approach?

Although it is true that you booked the studio based on previous work it shouldn’t mean that they are shut out of the decision process altogether.  Key decisions need to be made by you.

Decisions such as who to focus on, key family members, music, unexpected surprises, or if a speech was given that was so bad that no amount of alcohol can drive it our of your head.  

The point being that your input is very important to the film and you should only go with studios that value your opinion.

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