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Unfortunately, due to COVID, inflation and the economic swings over the past few years in the industry; it is to our deepest regret that we have had to cancel our remaining weddings and enter into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

After giving our lives to Petit Four Films and our couples, this is devastating for everyone at Petit Four Films and most importantly our couples. 

Here is what we are doing to help.

In addition to processing refunds, we are putting together a process to petition other studios to see if they would be interested in picking up your contract to be able to complete your wedding. Leaving no cost to you.

For those who have had your wedding filmed by Petit Four Films we are putting together a process to finish your film, or at the very least have your footage to you.

This situation is 100% about helping our couples and outside vendors and we do not want to make it about us. 

It is important to note that unfortunately, during this time, some have decided to harass, bully and intimidate people who work or no longer work for Petit Four Films.  Through online posts and social media groups there have been threats of physical violence, along with vile and threatening emails. 

Individuals who have nothing to do with the company have received warnings of threats and attacks on their families.  Police reports have been filed and all of this has been documented.  Refunds and payments to those individuals will be delayed, if processed at all, until the police complete their investigation.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly in a situation like this, there have been rumors that are untrue swirling around the internet and turning up in new reports.  We would like to address some of them.

Despite internet rumors;

We are not a scam company. 

For over 14 years we have helped create clients wedding films.  During the heights of COVID we helped folks move their weddings clear across the country to find a team to work with them when the restriction in their state wouldn’t allow them to have their wedding there.

Even up to the final days of this company we have been filming, producing, distributing and refunding back when necessary.

We are not promoting, advertising, or taking more work.

A recent news report said we were taking work. That is factually incorrect. An outside company handles our social media campaigns.  We were not aware that the ads were still running.  At this time and to our knowledge, they have all been shut down.


We have been issuing refunds.

Although not as quickly as we would like, at the time of this writing refunds are processed nearly everyday.  If not by the studio directly, then by disputes that have been put through to credit cards.  Petit Four Films does not take cash.  This was established early on so our couples felt comfortable booking an online studio.  If a dispute has been put through to a credit card, then we have to wait for that to settle before we can take any action on our end.  Otherwise, we could be in a double refund situation.  This process is being refined.


We pay our vendors. 

All vendors are paid half up front and the rest once we verify that everything was done correctly.  This is important because if a vendor didn’t complete the contract properly it can have a crossover effect to the client’s agreement.  Leaving the studio refunding back the client and also issuing full payment to the vendor.  Clearly that cannot happen.

With that said, we completely understand that a vendor may be concerned that aren’t going to get paid because they have an outstanding invoice from a shoot (that was filmed properly) previous to the one that they worked; so they don’t want to upload the footage until the previous one is settled.  Our intentions are to work with you to get those settled.

Please send any refunds requests to

Please send any formal legal petitions to

If you are an outside vendor who believes they have an outstanding balance please send any invoices to

Please check back to this page for more updates.

We are terribly sorry for everyone affected by this situation and will do everything we can to help.




- Petit Four Films

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