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When Should My Photographer and Videographer Arrive?

Ultimately it is up to you when it comes to vendor arrival times, but here are some tips to deciding your vendors arrival time which will help cut your budget.

1. Do you want to be filmed or photographed pre makeup?

The answer is typically no. One to two hours before your dress goes on is a good arrival time.  It’s early, but not too early. Allows enough time to do the details and get the final touches of makeup.

2.  Are you having a pre ceremony?

Many cultures have a pre ceremony.  Tea ceremonies, polish ceremonies and many others typically occur before the main wedding ceremony.  Still the same rule applies. 1 to 2 hours before the dress goes on to capture the preparation shots.

3.  What if I am getting ready at the church?

If you are having a wedding at a place of worship, and you are getting ready there, you might feel as though you don’t need as much time.  This is the one exception where you might not. Still I would follow the same rule. 1 to 2 hours before the dress goes on. It is possible that everything could be done in less time, but why risk it?

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