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What is the Average Cost of a Wedding Videographer?

With pricing all over the place you might be asking "what is the average cost of a wedding videographer?" The answer to that question is not as simple as it seems.

Even in my own research, I was finding rates starting at $2500 going up to $20,000. Just like you I realized that the average cost of a wedding videographer is all over the map.

The question might not be "what is the average price for wedding a wedding videographer," but "what is the average price for a wedding videographer with the services that I want?"

How many hours do I want?

How many videographers do I want?

How many films do I want?

Do I want raw footage?

Do I want drone?

Bottom Line?

8 Hours

2 Videographers

3 to 5 Minute Trailer.

12 to 20 Minute Highlight Film.

No Drone.

Average is about $3500.

Add in Drone, Live Streaming and Raw Footage and it goes up from there.

Fluctuations will depend on the cost of weddings in your area. The upper east coast and larger cities should expect higher average for wedding videographer prices.

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