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VR Wedding Videography?

Imagine yourself 50 years from now. An old man or woman, sitting in a rocking chair and reflecting back on your life. You put our VR glasses on and you are now at your cocktail hour while your Mom and Dad, who have passed, on are standing right next to you. Full of life and laughter as they mingle with your guests at your cocktail hour.

Meta. A buzz word for today or the reality (virtual or not) of what what's to come ? The future is now. It's as easy as ever to grab an oculus and do this and the results are thrilling. Our beta test on Mark and Patrice found that the feeling was real. "We felt as though we were right back at our day standing next to our guests. All of the feelings came back."

It's an exciting time to consider what the future in the meta verse will look, but when it comes to your wedding the future is now.

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