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Should You Have An Experienced Wedding Videographer?

We thought we would answer The Knot’s Question on Videographer Experience.  Does it count?

The answer is….it depends.  You can easily have the older and wiser videographer who has been around awhile.  But what about the young rockstar videographer who just got into the business last year?   Which one would you choose?

Tough decision, right?  So here’s the deal. When it comes to weddings.  It doesn’t matter. Either someone is good with the camera or they aren’t.  There are lots of guys who have been in this business for years and they are all equally terrible.  It doesn’t matter how long they have been around for.

What matters is the understanding of the flow of the day.


The wedding day is fast moving and getting the rhythm down is essential.  Knowing where to be and what is happening next is what is the most important part of the day.  

The answer?  It really just depends on the videographer.  The guys who have been around have seen it all and can adjust.  The young rockstar videographers are hungry, artistic and excited to work.  

Which would you rather have?

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