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5 Reasons You Should be doing a First Look!

We often hear couples agonizing whether to do a first look.  Often times the photographer is pressuring them into it but does it make sense?

1. More Bang for the Buck! -  You will get the majority of you and your fiancee’s photos done before the wedding.  Which only leaves family and bridal party photos after and then off to the party!

2. No Photo Fatigue - The majority of the photos will be done earlier in the day.  So as the day goes on and you get tired. It won’t show in the pics.

3. You Get to Be At The Cocktail Hour  - The cocktail hour should also be your time to relax and take a break.  Not cram a bunch of photos in.

4. It’s a Better Moment - Down the aisle is overrated.  It’s quick. You’re on display and there are things that you might want to say and do that you can’t while in public.  The private first look is more emotional and allows you to let your true feelings shine.

5. You’re Having a One Location Wedding - One location weddings can add stress when it comes to photos.  Usually you will only have a one hour to maybe an hour and a half for pics. Here the first look is essential to have the time you need.

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