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5 Alternatives to a First Look

First Look Alternatives

As I maneuver through my calls with potential clients; I have found that the first look can bring up some point of contention between the bride and groom. Typically she wants it and he doesn’t. Some say marriage is about compromise. If so, how about doing a First Touch?

1. The Blindfold Method

-This can be fun assuming it is securely fastened. We have done weddings where the groom is blindfolded and the bride is playful.

2. The Door Between You

Something as simple as a door can provide an intimate moment; and great pics and video. The groom stands on one side and the bride on the other with the door open. This can allow you to hold hands or play a game of thumb wrestling.

3. Unique Pics and Shots for Your Film

These pics are great. Pintrest it!

4. It’s Private!

-The First Touch provides a private moment with just the two of you while saving the big reveal for later. It’s also a great way to exchange a letter to each other, or other keepsake.

5. It’s Fun!

First Touches typically have a lot of laughs and happy tears associated with them. They are fun!

So if you aren’t settled on a First Look, consider a First Touch!



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